Action Alert -- Remembering our Soldiers who risk their lives daily

Rally for America in Cleveland, OHNo Greater Honor than Supporting our Troops. America Stand Up for our Men and Women in Uniform.

America Stand Up would like to THANK each and every Soldier for risking their lives and fighting for our Freedom. You are in our prayers daily. The majority of Americans know the reason why you are at war and we can't thank you enough. It is because of Americans like you who believe in our freedom, and our country we are free to live without fear. You are the true blooded Americans who will risk your own life to safe ours, and others. You are our America's heros.

As Americans we need to continue to say thank you and pray for our Soldiers and their family. We need to stop putting the reality of 9/11 behind us, it did happen and it could happen again. We need to understand there are people who have a hatred for America and will try to destroy us at any cost. Freedom comes with a price, and sometimes not a nice one. America needs to wake up before it is too late. Let us not be Americans who forget about our soldiers, let us be Americans who support our soldiers. Without these brave men and women who are fighting and who have fought for us, the USA would not be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We need to honor each and every one of our soldiers for their courage at war and for helping the Iraqi people find freedom. God Bless each Soldier, their Family, and may God continue to Bless America! (rev. November 4, 2011)

If you are supporting our Troops by having a rally, an event or have a project you'd like listed, please let is know and we will post it on our website. Email:

REMEMBER OUR SOLDIER'S THEY CAN USE SUPPORT. By giving of your time, making a donation or a sending package, it means the world to a soldier. Below are some of the organizations doing something, look under useful links for what others are doing.

REMEMBER A RECOVERING SOLDIER, especially at Christmas
Let them know we care
A Recovering American Soldier c/O Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001

HOLIDAY MAIL for HERO'S (watch the video)
Holiday Mail/Red Cross
IMPORTANT: In order to get the Christmas Cards to Soldier's on time, cards must be recieved by the Red Cross by Dec 7th. You can send More than one card, and get a classroom to send cards. Anything that will bring a smile on a soldiers face this Christmas

GIVE 2 the Troops
Give 2 the Troops
Giving back to those who give, help support our men and women in uniform


OSOT and Operation Holidays From Home. Operation Support our Troops
OSOT is a Washington State Organization who has dedicated countless hours in supporting our troops. OSOT has made a hugh impact in our State by holding Rallies statewide, collecting donations for soldiers and now by making sure our Soldiers have a wonderful holiday.
Join OSOT Nov. 13th for their annual Santa's Soldiers work party

SUPPORT our Soldiers! Operation AC (Now sending Heaters)
Operation AC was founded by a mother who would not give up, she is doing a wonderful job of supporting our troops and getting others to help. On this site you can adopt a soldier, make a donation, or if you are a Soldier in need you can make a request.

Letters For our Troops! Victoria/Letters
Letters for our Troops needs help! They need Americans nationwide who will write letters, or post cards, which will be included with care packages for our troops that are deployed. 700 packages a month have been going out with one person writing letters, I would think there are Americans who would be willing to write a letter. Email Victoria for more information.

Glenn Beck's Rally For America

"The Red, White & Blue of the American Flag reflect the honor, decency & courage of the American Spirit. It is the breath of that spirit that brings the Stars & Stripes to life, and wherever they unfurl, there does Freedom Live"   The National Flag Day Foundation

The following is a list of Events and Rallies being held   (rev. Dec.  9th, 2007):

State/Location Group Name Contact Other
Tacoma, WA  
Camp Murry Bridge, exit 122 off I-5
First Saturday of each month
Named "Freedom Bridge" in Support of our Troops. OSOT event info.
I-5 Overpass between Marysville and Everett
First Saturday of each month
If you need further information, you are invited to contact OSOT's North Sound Coordinators
Burt & Nancy Gunderson at
OSOT event info.

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