Patriotic Pastime

Heart StoneThis is Heart was originally made for the Desert Storm troops who carried it in their uniform breast pocket.  When they had a moment to themselves and thought of home and loved ones, they would pull it out and rub it on their pants leg.  The rubbing causes the "stone" to get a shine finish.  When they returned, they carefully drilled a hole in the top of the "stone," hung it on a black cord and put it on the neck of the person they missed most while they were gone.

Bo's HeartI was asked to bring the "stone" back along with Bo's Heart
, the accompanying pin.  The base chaplains have taken a large number of the "stones,
" blessed them and sent them out to the troops.  In addition, family members are carrying them for their military members while they are deployed.

The stones and hearts are home-made by hand and heart, from polymer clay.  To date I am the only one making these items, and it brings me great joy to share my art with all of our special troops and their incredible families!

To date I have given away over 2,000 pins and stones at support our troop rallies
Unfortunately, in order to continue making these I must now ask a fee to continue.

The cost of the Heart Stone is $1...$1.50 with shipping and handling.

Desert HeartThe Desert Heart is home-made by hand and heart of polymer clay.  It is approximately 2 1/2 inches. 

The design was requested by so many at the Support Our Troops rallies that I had to add it to the collection.  It is dedicated to all our Desert Troops, to honor those brave freedom fighters and their wonderfully supportive families and friends!

The cost of this pin is $5; be sure to add 50 cents to cover shipping and handling for each item ordered.

"If you want the answers to the how's and why's, take a moment to look in a soldier's eyes" 
Liz Jackson

To order, e-mail to:
                            attn: Liz/Desert Hearts

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