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A Colonel Says "Thank You" at Fort LewisWestern Washington

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National Events

Rally For AmericaRadio host Glenn Beck has supported our troops with some of the biggest rallies ever put together. Visit his web page and thank him for a job well done. You can also watch Glenn Beck on Fox News, he is bold, tough, to the point and backs all he finds.  Also check out the action at Operation Infinite FReep/Rally for America!

If you don't see a rally listed below for your area, grab a few friends and show up at your local military installation, city hall or federal building, OR call one of your local veterans' organizations, i.e. VFW or DAV, and find out if they have a rally scheduled or would like to sponsor one.  Get started by reading the information at "Organize a Rally in Your Area" or write us at  Remember to let us know if you're holding an event at

I would like to personally thank Rose Strong (former Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs-DOT, under former President Bush Sr.) and her son Mack Strong, (Former starting full back with the Seattle Seahawks) for participating in our local events and for supporting our Troops.
Caroline Tesch-Smith, Founder of America Stand Up

Join one of the SUPPORT OUR TROOP RALLIES below and show our soldiers we care. 

Revised Nov. 2009. I am finding most of the support our Troop Rallies have slowed down. We will continue to list whatever rally is submitted. All past events have been removed.  

Date/State Location Group Name Contact
Tacoma, WA  
Camp Murry Bridge, exit 122 off I-5
First Saturday of each month
Named "Freedom Bridge" in Support of our Troops. OSOT event info.
I-5 Overpass between Marysville and Everett
First Saturday of each month
If you need further information, you are invited to contact OSOT's North Sound Coordinators
Burt & Nancy Gunderson at
OSOT event info.

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Organize a Rally in Your Area

The following tips on organizing a rally are provided by Operation Support Our Troops ( Their Safety Guidelines are especially helpful.  More detailed information about can be found on Free Republic's FRNetwork at


All you need is a few friends, a flag, and a "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" sign.  Pick a busy traffic area, and you will draw a crowd and it will grow.  The silent majority want their voices heard, so a rally is the way to be heard.

  1. Choose a site for the rally.  One with lots of exposure (traffic) or a military base.
  2. Notify City Hall, Police or Military of what you are planning.  Some cities require a permit, usually at no charge.  Remember -- Right to Assemble and Right of Free Speech.
  3. Form a committee of family and friends for help.
  4. Contact local groups (VFW, local legislators, military families, Republican and Democrat groups, and any others you can think of), and ask them for their support and help in spreading the word.
  5. Contact all local news media:  T.V. stations, newspapers, radio talk show hosts, etc.  Talk radio covers it the best.
  6. Assign jobs:  media, phones, emails, etc.
  7. Have a note book for a sign up sheet. Have everyone list name, city, phone number and email address.  You can email everyone on the list for your next rally; make that email a newsletter with stories and email from the troops.

Remember, it's just getting the word out to everyone and hoping for the best.   With each rally you hold, the number of people attending will grow!

It is a lot of work and is a lot trial and error.  Good luck!

Operation: Support Our Troops (OSOT)

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